Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I hate fascinators – the net, spangle and feather creations that usually-stylish women insist on wearing to weddings. It’s as if a posh beribboned invite on the doormat is an excuse to throw good taste aside and indulge in the kind of gaudy get-up that would make a drag queen gasp with glee. Don’t get me wrong, I love head wear. Hats are heaven, a little well-placed birdcage net is a delight, an Alice Band is adorable. So here comes my current sartorial saga. I have a wedding this weekend and am debating: to headpiece or not to headpiece? I’m wearing a strapless red linen number, splashed with a rowdy hot pink print (on its second outing). Last time I wore my hair in a chignon and pinned fuchsia birdcage net, 40s style, over my face. This time I’m debating a big blousy blow-dry in lieu of hair adornment or perhaps a topper with taste. I love this bejewelled headband by Bijoux Heart (but not the price) – elegant but quirky with a side bun. But if I were wearing a simple nude shift dress, I’d opt for this Minnie Mouse-esque leather bow by Miu Miu. While I draw the line at drag queen, I’m happy to channel a cartoon mouse any day of the week.

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