Monday, 24 May 2010


Finally! This weekend, Britain basked in sunshine and we rolled the roof down on our old convertible MG. In the winter, a 30 year-old soft top motor is beyond miserable – I have icicles all over that my fleecy car blanket can’t shift. But come summer, there’s nothing more fabulous than whizzing through the country lanes in our little black roadster. Of course remaining chic when the wind is whipping your hair into a frenzy and the sun is beating down ain’t easy. My top-down survival kit consists of Ambre Solaire SPF 50 for the face (it contains Mexoryl, which is the only sun filter designed to protect against short UVA rays and is available in all L’Oreal sunscreens). I smother it on, because whilst freckles are adorable, sunspots aren’t and ever since turning 30, I couldn’t be more panicked about my complexion (P.S on the subject, my brilliant Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr suggests layering your anti-oxidant serum/lotion under sunscreen to maximise its anti-ageing potency). The other essentials: massive shades – my current faves are Marc by Marc Jacobs, and a vintage scarf to tie around your head, because feeling the breeze in your hair is amazing, but arriving looking like Bridget Jones isn’t.

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