Sunday, 9 May 2010


My gorgeous friend Maeve just gave birth (a sweet and sleepy little dot named Rosie May), giving me the perfect excuse to visit You Don't Bring Me Flowers, the charming teashop-meets-florist, which was practically the main reason I moved to this neighbourhood. It's everything you'd daydream of owning - a ramshackle Victorian shop with wooden floorboards, rickety stairs, mismatched crockery and quirky mid century art. The coffee is strong, the wedges of homemade cake are delicious (my fave is rose, raspberry and almond) and the clientele artsy and very friendly. Alongside the baked goods are tin buckets of blooms - always interesting flowers or obscure shades. I almost opted for very pale mauve roses, but then I spotted these peonies. I am a sucker for their ostentatious blousy frills and because you only have to blink and you'll miss them, I always buy them if I have the chance. These were so beautifully bright too - the perfect way to welcome a new girl into the world!

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