Friday, 7 May 2010


Hooray for Friday and an evening out with the girls. Tonight I’m heading to the divine Shoreditch House with my beloved best friends. It’s a rare occasion that we actually hit the town en masse. They are all married and juggling beautiful babies and brilliant jobs (while I take long baths and make pasta from scratch), plus one of them has jilted London for the leafy suburbs of Cheshire. Together again, we’ll coo over each other’s carefully pulled-together ensembles (today mine consists of an old but adored Marc Jacobs blush blouse, navy skinny J.Crew trousers and chestnut brown leather Chloe sandals on their first outing!), dish the dirt on our men and get slowly sozzled on rosé. There’s no better place to do all this than Shoreditch House (affectionately known to us as The Ditch). It’s the perfect blend of casual glamour – monochrome, lots of wood, super comfy seats, chic lights, hints of pink, blue, bronze and gold. It’s a bit of a clubhouse for the media crowd and costs a small fortune to join, so for the time being, I’m a grateful plus one. We’re venturing up to the rooftop for pizzas and posing… and I’m counting down the minutes.

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