Friday, 14 May 2010


This weekend is gloriously commitment-free, which seems the perfect excuse for a long lazy brunch at somewhere special. One of my favourite haunts is Bob Bob Ricard in Soho. For a start the decor is beyond fabulous - a glitzy, glossy art deco mix of walnut, marble, peacock blue, candy pink and gold accents (the booths have 'press for champagne here' buzzers!). Secondly the staff is equally as snazzy in their posh pink ensembles. Thirdly (and most importantly) the food is fabulous. Breakfast is everything from cornflakes to crumpets but best is their fry-up (so not fried), which comes with a pile of freshly cut bread and a toaster that plugs in at your table, so you can pop at your own leisure. PS The basement members' bar is equally as cool with it's unmissable signature pink rhubarb gin and tonic. Yum.

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