Thursday, 27 May 2010


If you want to feel fear, inadvertently stand at the wrong end of a Christian Louboutin sample sale queue. That’s what I did this morning and the wrath of forty pairs of ice queen eyes was enough to wish the ground would swallow me (and my Gap sandals) whole. Small sartorial faux pas aside, the sale was, as always, one of my favourite experiences. Okay we got up at an ungodly hour, queued for a comically long time under chilly grey skies and glared at the girls who had the nerve to push in front of us, but all that seemed insignificant compared to the promise of beautiful red-soled delights for a fraction of their retail price. Once inside, the atmosphere electrified as we were faced with piles of shoes in neat little plastic bags, stacked high on tables. Yet it's funny how all these £500 shoes lose a little of their allure when they’re not standing proudly on a shelf in a trendy boutique. Despite my initial feeding frenzy, during which I grabbed studded flats, patent wedges, striped Mary Janes and wedding-worthy satin peep toes, all at around £100 a pair, I actually managed to reign in my need to flex the credit card. I tried on about twenty pairs of beautiful shoes, but when I tried to justify their purchase, I couldn’t find a good enough reason to fork out (especially after my recent Chloe splurge). So I put them all back. Yes, all of them. And left sans shopping bag, but also sans guilt.

P.S If you’re interested, Corrie, my shopping cohort, bought black strappy stripper-chic platforms. £180, reduced from £685!

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