Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Last night I went for dinner with lovely Georgina – my gorgeous, immeasurably talented ex-housemate and own personal style guru. It’s not that I wasn’t sartorially switched-on before I met her, but the 18 months we lived together gave me a whole new take on fashion. Whereas I’m a little prim, she’s laid-back and artsy. I don’t like to wear more than two colours at any one time while she combines stripes and prints with gay abandon. I’ll put on one fine necklace and she’ll wear a tangle of six, and whilst heels and pencil skirts are my default setting, slouchy pants and brogues are hers. She shook up my old staid style rules, so even though her culinary repertoire consisted of porridge and cabbage pasta, I will forever be indebted. Here are some of the things I learned from her:

Overtly sexy isn’t really overtly cool – sometimes jazz shoes or brogues look so much more stylish with a summer dress than four inch heels would.

Topknots rock – especially when your hair is piled up in a slapdash manner and tied with a vintage scarf.

Dressy + messy = undone chic – who knew my slouchy shorts were crying out for a silk camisole, or my elegant brocade skirt needed a t-shirt?

Colour is not the enemy – my navy skirt and peony pink blouse actually look even better with mustard and gold pumps.

PS This is a picture of us looking scrappy together last summer – and definitely not exhibiting her style ethos!

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