Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I don't know a boy named Sue. But if I did I'm sure I'd adore him - as all the girls I know by the same name are bloody brilliant. Sue Sylvester from Glee wears cool striped tracksuits (just like my PE teacher mum did) and has the best lines on TV ("All I want is just one day a year when I'm not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties"). One of my best pals Susan Phear is a photo editor at Vanity Fair in New York and has the slickest dance moves, the sweetest disposition and the gooiest carrot cake. And then there's Su Blackwell. Possibly my favourite artist of all time. Su creates the most exquisite three-dimensional works of art using a scalpel, glue and old books and clothes. She trawls second-hand bookshops to find the tomes, and reads them first, to inspire the work she creates with them. The clothes are often vintage. Her pieces are mystical, intricate, feminine and hauntingly beautiful. I'd dearly love to own one some day. Until then I'll carry on admiring from afar.

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