Sunday, 6 June 2010


Yesterday we feasted like royalty (gluttonously a la Henry and all of his eight wives). The banquet was provided by our very talented pals Mags & Barney... and their Ottolenghi cook book. Along with homemade spicy lamb burgers, kebabs, herby sausages and chilli spiked halloumi, all barbequed to perfection, they whipped up a variety of salads from the legendary London designer deli. From blanched asparagus with sundried tomatoes, rocket and feta with a basil dressing to griddled aubergine, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate and basil, drizzled with saffron yoghurt to sublime potato salad, everything tasted beyond amazing. The diet went temporarily out of the window as we slurped prosecco with dark ginger cordial in the sometime-sunshine and gobbled up every last morsel of food. I will be attempting to recreate every last detail - there's nothing better than food, friend and a boozy fuzz.

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