Friday, 25 June 2010


This weekend I will mostly be packing. We start our drive down to the Provence on Monday night, right after work, so my case needs to be waiting by the front door. I pride myself on my packing skills. I once won a bottle of rum during a press trip to Jamaica, because the PR didn't believe my tiny suitcase could possibly hold a different ensemble for every day of our trip. And for years my friends have referred to my suitcase as the laptop bag because it's small enough to transport technology instead of clothes! There aren't too many secrets to my talent (stubborn smugness means I refuse to take a bigger case!), but here are my tips...
I lay everything on the bed first to ensure it will all mix and match. Anything that doesn't work with the other stuff instantly gets edited out.

I pack a variety of small statement things, like
patterned bikinis or tank tops, then take neutral cover-ups or shorts that work with everything.
Accessories are key, so I'll take sun hats, a few pairs of shades and vintage head scarves to add further flair.

My actual packing is rigid: shoes (wedges, running shoes, flat sandals, Havianas) go in the bottom of the case- I tuck underwear in between them.

Then I roll my clothes - from socks to sun dresses. These are then packed in two layers.

On top I place anything that I can't crinkle i.e. a blazer.

I take mini versions of toiletries (always swiped from posh hotels) in a shoulder bag- which will double as a beach bag when we arrive.


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