Friday, 16 July 2010


Last night I was supposed to be resealing the bath tub and spring (summer) cleaning our bedroom. I didn't do either. Instead I pulled up my big fabric-covered A4 notebook, scissors, glue, a pile of Martha Stewart Weddings and the print-outs I'd collected from wedding blogs like Once Wed, Ritzy Bee and Snippet & Ink and started sticking.
This is such an exciting time. Precious moments where anything's possible, where budgets and time frames and logistics don't matter a hoot and we can let our imaginations run riot and create the most dreamy delightful wedding possible. It has been thrilling for my beau and me to throw about ostentatious or magical or downright absurd ideas. A marching band? Why not! Disco balls hanging from the trees? Certainly! A make-your-own pizza bar? Actually, no way. (That was his idea and vetoed from the off set!)
All of our ideas, no matter how realistically unrealistic, have been cut and pasted into our notebook. Some things we are pretty sure about already (low-key but still elegant, casual in some places, grand and fanciful in others).
Next weekend we're off to see two manor houses with lovely gardens, where we can hopefully pitch a marquee (thereby combining grandeur and garden party). We're keen to get hitched in May - when the nights are longer and brighter and the weather isn't quite so treacherous , and the peonies are in full bloom. We've also pretty much decided on a colour scheme. Nothing too strict, but we love the hues in the picture above - from Snippet & Ink - (although we plan to replace that warm terracotta shade with French navy instead). It all starts here...


  1. Exciting times!

    And probably best that the make-your-own pizza bar was vetoed...white can only end in tears!!

  2. So true! Although the red suit that the groom is currently lusting after would have fared better (don't worry- I nixed that idea too!)

  3. Must. Have. Words. With. Brother.