Thursday, 29 July 2010


We're packing our wellies and plastic cutlery in anticipation for the summer's most enthralling event - The Big Camp. It's become a tradition for our gang to head to a campsite, a few hours from the city and spend the weekend getting friendly with the wilderness. To be fair we don't exactly rough it - ours is the smallest tent, yet we still bring a blow up mattress and a duvet in lieu of camping mats and sleeping bags (we don't have to forsake comfort!). We build firepits around which to drink brandy-laced hot chocolate and barbeques to griddle our organic sausages. I have already baked a mound of double choc and fruit & nut cookies so we have something to nibble with our sun-rise coffees. We are 16 adults and eight kids so there will never be a dull moment (and my beau and I are excited to ask two of the little girls if they will be bridesmaids - I've created a chain of paper dolls that will pop the question for us!) The most brilliant part of this weekend promises to be the Big Camp Champs - a school sports day-style tournament that pits us against each other (with team colours and everything!). Unfortunately I am a fairly comical combination of being absurdly competitive yet completely crap at sport, so I hope I don't let my team down! If nothing else it will be blissful to gulp fresh air, catch up properly with good, good friends and star gaze while the sausages sizzle...

Disclaimer: I imagine our campsite will look nothing like this!

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