Sunday, 11 July 2010


As promised I got creative with a jelly mould while away. This creation includes a bottle of cheap French fizz and local cherries. We served it with a scoop of organic vanilla ice cream for a grown-up take on a kid's classic.

Cherry Jelly

Two pints of sparkling wine
Two sachets of gelatine
80z caster sugar
Two handfuls of cherries
Ice cream to serve

Scatter the powdered gelatine in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Add a splash of wine to cover the gelatine, then stir the liquid until the powder dissolves.

Add the sugar and stir until this dissolves too.

Pour a third of the wine into the bowl and mix in, then strain the liquid through a sieve into a large jug, add the rest of the wine and stir.

Pour a third of the liquid jelly mix into your mould. Slice and stone the cherries, then scatter these into the mould. They will float to the top (hopefully!).

Refrigerate until the jelly sets (approx four hours), then add the rest of the liquid jelly and freeze overnight.

To serve, plunge the mould into warm water, then put a plate over the bowl and turn the mould upside down the the jelly wobble onto the plate!

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  1. this simply looks too good to cut up and eat.. i can't wait to try making it!

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