Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I find American Apparel very frustrating. Of course I dig all the cool 'no sweat shops' policy, and I'm seriously smitten with the styling (all the girls in the Covent Garden store swan around in high waisted shorts, little blouses, canvas pumps and messy hair - I wanna be in their gang!). I could take or leave the array of rainbow hued, shimmery Spandex unitards, but I want the round collared blouses, the lace camisoles, the cropped slacks, the striped tank tops. What bugs me most though is the price, unlike the States, where the pieces seem Gap equivalent, here, they are a good chunk more expensive and I find it brutally difficult to part with my pay cheque for what is ultimately a nicely styled basic. Despite all this, I still love this girlie lace chiffon dress (super cute with the mint socks too - but sadly not when you actually left school more than a decade ago!) .

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