Monday, 26 July 2010


It's Monday, yet I feel anything but sprightly. This is the moment when rested and revitalised, I should sashay into the new week as if nothing could stop me, but actually I'm feeling like a tower of mattresses and a sleep mask would be so much more appealing. It's been a busy weekend. Ascot on Saturday for Jane's hen party (I left with more money than I bet, but only because I cajoled a poor guy into giving me some of his winnings too!) and a mad fuzzy-headed sprint down to Kent the next morning to suss out wedding venues, only to be followed by the panic that we're blowing cash we don't have on too glitzier a venue (but people, it has a Victorian walled garden lined with peonies!).
Of course we're going with the venue, and I just have to be as savvy as possible elsewhere, but all the partying and planning (not to mention number crunching), has left me desperate for a nice long nap. Sadly I'm chained to my desk with a GLAMOUR deadline looming and caterers to butter up. Oh, my bed will be so irresistible tonight...

Picture: Tim Walker

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