Monday, 12 July 2010


I don't drink masses of coffee, but at the weekend I always treat myself to a cup or two. This past Saturday was so sweltering that I couldn't face the hot stuff, but my beau promised that a retro glass of Camp Coffee would hit the spot. We bought this age-old syrup at the local supermarket and the combination of sweetened chicory and coffee was pretty delicious. The below recipe was my own experiment but worked a treat.

Camp Coffee Cooler

Dissolve two spoonfuls of a good quality instant coffee into a little cold water.

Load in as many ice cubes as you can.

Fill the glass with semi skimmed milk, then add three teaspoons of Camp Coffee and stir furiously!

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  1. i really could have used this on the camp trip the other weekend. the instant coffee we had on hand wasn't cutting it taste wise... awesome!