Monday, 20 September 2010


My gorgeous chap may have discovered his wedding suit this weekend!! Whilst returning from another incredible big day bash on Saturday (the most fun), we fought our raging hangovers and made a detour to go suit shopping on our way home.
I have never voyaged into the world of men's tailoring before and can now conclude that suits are all the same - yet totally different.
It didn't take long for us to spot the subtle tweaks that separated a beautifully cut jacket and a badly shaped one.
We fell for slim lapels and sharply cut tuxedos (which we begrudgingly ruled out as being too dressy for our more low-key affair), we went cuckoo for a Vivienne Westwood grey wool number with brown buttons, which fit like a glove but ended up being slightly too jaunty.
We ruled out everything by Hugo Boss (yawn), anything with more than two buttons and anything majorly avant garde (unlike my dress thai suit will see a lot of action). We were surprised we didn't fall more in love with Dior and decided Paul Smith usually added one multi-coloured detail too many.

The suit that
I think will make the grade (and I'll never know for sure, as after that initial viewing, I have been rightfully booted out of the decision-making process), is Alexander McQueen. And SO gorgeous. And made my man look Mad Men perfect. I won't say anymore as this is his gig, but we'll see... Exciting, right?

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