Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Oh my god.
It has finally arrived.
Season Four of Mad Men airs in the UK tonight.
I am almost embarrassed by how excited I am about this monumentus evening. I'm an early adopter of MM - from the moment it was aired very, very late at night on a very, very obscure TV channel - I was hooked. I love the clothes, of course, who doesn't? And as a girl with curves and a Grace Kelly obsession, I worship both Joan and Betty. But I also love the slow, melancholic plot, the episodes where nothing and everything happens. I love the glossy facade and the crumbling distopia. I love Don for his angst, flaws and lack of repent as much as his chiseled jaw. I love the fascinating glimpse into history, when women were drugged for childbirth, men were the masters of the house (and could call your shrink to see what you'd talked about) and you really
did have to choose to be Jackie or Marilyn. I'm pretty mad for it all. So you know where I'll be at 10pm this evening.

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