Friday, 3 September 2010


Happy Birthday to my little brother Andy. He's the brilliant one in our family. He knows everything about everything and doesn't make me feel stupid when I seek out even the most basic information from the hallows of his quite amazing mind. He knows as much about history and politics as he does pop culture - hell, he even knew that Burkina Faso was West Africa's only landlocked country in a recent game of Trivial Pursuit! He's also hilariously funny, a complete family man (just like Tony Soprano!), a cat lover and an inspired dancer. He's also my biggest cheerleader - and I his. Tomorrow, although he has requested "just a few kind words" (yeah, right) we will celebrate his big day with a pot of tea, a homemade Victoria sponge, a walk by the sea and probably a sing song. Love you Andy xxx

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  1. Your brother sounds much like mine, for his birthday next week he has requested I bake cinnamon rolls "just like cinnabon" and his favourite oatmeal and raisin cookies instead of buying him a gift.

    Victoria xx