Monday, 13 September 2010


I really try hard not to blog too much about my impending nuptials. Oh, I could you know. Way, way more than I do. Everyday I allocate a little bit of time to our wedding vision. My bookmarks are full to bursting with statement veils, beautiful letterpress, to-die-for shoes and clouds made with coffee paper filters. I daydream on the bus. I live out different parts of the big day while on the treadmill. I doodle in a notebook or type myself reminders into my iPhone. I enjoy every single second of it.
I love parties.
love my fiance.
I love looking forward to this most special of days.

I am so so lucky that my chap is as creative and fiercely involved as I am. I love that today he lobbied to change the colour of just one heart on our Save the Date postcards. I am thrilled that he cares that much (I really am, despite being an uber control freak).
I don't mind admitting that our wedding, as well as being personal, special and just for us, will also be fanciful and overstyled and the culmination of months of creative vision and energy. I'll plead guilty to already having ordered cupcake cases and started ink stamping notecards and stockpiling wedding desirables from French brocantes and online shops. But despite all this, I am still totally digging East Side Bride, a brilliant LA blog by a hip ex New Yorker, who is anti the OTT wedding and takes a lot of pleasure in bucking the trend (plus she doesn't give two hoots if she offends the peony-loving, Martha Stewart-worshiping girls among us). She doesn't pull any punches, she's smart, original and cuts through the wedding bullshit. She's a breath of fresh air and even if I wasn't getting married, I'd read her blog. You should too.
PS I'm still having peonies though.

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