Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The new artwork for Kanye West's next single was released today. V. cool. I'm interested to see where he's going style-wise and this album cover is the kind of thing I'd happy frame on my wall (channeling Degas?!). I actually like Kanye a lot. Despite his jumped-up ego and random bad career moves (the man seems to have no edit switch).
He was once supposed to attend a GLAMOUR awards ceremony but the day of the event, his management team sent a message that he'd sprained his ankle playing basketball the day before, so hadn't got on his flight. As you can imagine, we were distraught, disappointed and basically screwed. It turns out, the event was actually still a big hit, but for a time Kanye's name was mud in our office.

Then, around three weeks later, I was sitting as my desk typing, just as I am doing now, when in walks Kanye. No entourage, no airs and graces. He'd come to apologise personally to my editor. The office fizzed with excitement (which he seemed to barely notice), Kanye plonked himself onto my editor's sofa, I decided I wasn't missing out so popped in for the chat too. He was a cool guy. Completely immersed in himself, but along with that, hugely passionate and creative and inspiring - he had such belief in everything he did. Up close it felt more like drive than ego. He didn't ooze charm and charisma like some stars I've met. Actually he was pretty low key and mild mannered. He played us some Rihanna tracks he was collaborating on and showed us artwork and clothing designs. It was fascinating and I came away feeling a lot of love for him. What can I tell you? I just like his style.
PS: The footnote to this should be that I saw Kanye again about a year later, shopping in APC. We were the only ones in there. He completely blanked me. Ha!

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