Friday, 8 October 2010


It's a momentous day for us, because after almost two years of dating, and four months of being engaged, our mothers are finally meeting. I completely adore my mama - a brilliant, spirited, beautiful woman, who I could happily (and do often) while away hours with over a bottle of wine or a pot of tea. I know my chap feels the same about his ma. Tonight, they will both stay at our house and together we will whip up a celebratory feast for them. After a glass of bubbly, we'll dine on Jamie Oliver's fig, mozzarella and parma ham salad, followed by a pea risotto with scallops (which my chap stole from a friend and has been recreating faithfully ever since) and to finish, Skye Gyngell's walnut tart (using the sackload of nuts my mum harvested from her French walnut tree) with homemade coffee ice cream (it's my second attempt - first time around I made it by infusing milk with fresh coffee, but the end result was weirdly powdery, so I made a second batch with instant coffee. Sounds declasse, but at least this time around you don't feel like you're slurping on the remnants of a cafetiere!). I'm hoping the conversation will flow and they'll be as smitten with each other as we are. I'm hoping for tipsy indulgent exclamations about how proud they are of us/how fabulous the nuptials will be/how well they'll co-ordinate their mothers-of-the-newly-weds outfits. But we may get handbags at dawn instead - we'll see...!

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