Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Tipsy shopping is dangerous. Last night my gorgeous work pal Corrie and I went to a press event at Selfridges. We vowed not to drink. It was a Monday after all. We also vowed not to scoff too many canapes. Two and a half glasses of champagne and approx 14 canapes each later and we staggered out of the fancy launch and into the hallowed halls of Selfridges. An hour later we were a few hundred pounds lighter and carrying giant yellow shopping bags, riding on the high of a spontaneous splurge. We both snapped up a winter coat from chi chi French brand Maje. It's a new favourite (along with Sandro), one of those places where you want everything and can almost justify purchasing bits so long as you promise to love them forever. I could have bought everything there. In the end I went classic and splashed out on a beautiful navy pea coat with chunky gold buttons (above). I have a beloved knee-length black Marc Jacobs coast which I've lived in for about six years and will continue to do so, but this is my short snappy alternative. I completely love it. My chap isn't so sure. I'm hoping it will grow on him...

COAT UPDATE: After saying my new purchase was "just another navy coat", my chap seems to have relented and has since watched me sashay down the street in it and texted to say it looked fab and was a keeper. Corrie's husband said her chic minimalist black number with leather trim made her look like Trigger from Only Fools & Horses. Suffice it to say she's still undecided. But, seriously, what does he know?!!

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