Thursday, 14 October 2010


So, I have old family friends coming for lunch on Sunday and along with roast lamb, I'm planning a classic pud - with a twist. I quite like attempting to tweak recipes (once I've mastered the traditional version), so this time I'm going to gussy up a bread and butter pudding with cherries and almonds (this cherry bakewell pairing can't-fail, right?). In lieu of raisins (which you sometimes soak in brandy or even Baileys), I'm going to buy dried cherries and leave them to puff up in a slosh of Amaretto. I'll use brioche instead of the usual bread to give my pudding an even more buttery, pillowy texture and I may even sprinkle the top with some flaked almonds right at the end too. I'm planning to follow this Jamie Oliver recipe and customise it with my own flourishes. I'll keep you posted, and, if it's a success, share the recipe!

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  1. yum!! i love bread pudding. and your spiced up version sounds amazing!