Thursday, 21 October 2010


I'm really having a earring moment. Which is annoying, because I don't actually own a lot of earrings, so I'm finding it hard to scratch this itch without making my credit card whimper. Isabel Marant kick-started the trend for danglies again, but what's working for me right now is a cluster, worn with a slightly disheveled up-do - totally inspired (as always) by Mad Men. I also saw a snap of Ashley Olsen, a while back, rocking a pair of ostentatious clusters with a marl grey sweatshirt and I haven't been able to get that high-low combo out of my mind either... Anyway, I'd be happy with any of these from J.Crew. Esp the first ones. Sigh.
NB - I know the second ones are dangly, but I couldn't resist adding them too - how cool?!

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