Thursday, 21 October 2010


We have friends coming for dinner tonight (Newlyweds! Can't wait for a wedding post-analysis - it was classic, traditional and gorgeous - ribs of beef delivered to every table, delicious dessert wine, a hog roast and the bride in a giant meringue confection with a phenomenally wasp-like waist! Bliss!) Anyway, for a change, I'm on main course duty and I'm falling back on a new old-faithful: Nigella's toad in the hole with thyme. It's perfect for the frosty day (first day this year I've been able to see the mist of my breath in the icy air). My chap is whipping up a dessert. Literally. He's decided on chocolate mousse - light but louche. I've just emailed him this recipe for salted caramel chocolate mousse. How good does that sound? I have my fingers crossed that he'll indulge me...

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