Thursday, 14 October 2010


This afternoon I'm jumping on a plane to Berlin - and tomorrow I'll be home again. I'm off to the set of the new Three Musketeers movie to interview the cast. This is in equal parts fabulous and kind of a schlep. The chance to hang out with a few A-list actors (like Orlando Bloom) and to get a glimpse of a big budget movie being filmed, never ever loses it's appeal, even after 12 years in the business. I still have those "I am SO lucky!" moments when I find myself fraternising with the famous, or getting an inside peek into the glitzy entertainment world or being spoilt rotten because for that millisecond (thanks to my job), I am a V.I.P. But (and I don't mean to be all cry me a river about it), along with the 'jetting to Germany', there is time to kill in different airports (and two flights in less than 24 hours), not a second to spare to actually explore the city, having to be charming, chatty and jazz-handy the entire time, and most importantly, not having anyone to share the experience with. The twangs of the world's smallest violin. I know!

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  1. Love this picture of Marilyn. Your blog is just lovely... such a creative idea :) Paris in Pink