Friday, 1 October 2010


It's pouring with rain outside. And cold. Seriously Autumnal. This morning leaves in shades of gold, chestnut and amber swirled around my mustard Georgina Goodmans as I walked down Old Bond Street. We have pals coming to dinner tonight and there's only one thing for it. Comfort food. We received the new Nigella Kitchen cookbook at the GLAMOUR office last week and I've decided to whip up her Thyme Toad in the Hole for the four of us. The addition of a sprinkling of fresh thyme apparently makes this a small step up from the British classic, but there's nothing like a pile of pillowy Yorkshire pudding, drowned in onion gravy to restore you back to your former self. I'll be serving it up alongside red wine and Strictly Come Dancing. Okay, I know it's not a night at a chi chi cocktail bar, but just right now, I couldn't think of anything nicer.

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  1. How did you toad in the hole turn out? I cooked this last week and love it!

    Victoria x