Thursday, 6 January 2011


It's January, so naturally I'm dieting. But this isn't a wagon that I can fall off next week. I have to be strict all the way to May. Ugh. Just writing that makes me feel deprived. So how am I planning to eat clean (ish!) and not feel like life is over (dramatic, yes, but what is the point in living without good food?)? I can't handle soup everyday. In fact soup is def not one of my fave things. It fills you up but drinking my lunch does not make me feel mentally satiated too.
And it's too chilly outdoors for salads... Unless they're hot salads. So this is where I'm at - jazzing up my lettuce leaves with hot stuff. Lucky Jamie Oliver is a whizz at winter salads, so he's my inspiration. Last night I threw together beetroot, peppered mackerel, hot new potatoes, celery and crisp mixed greens and drizzled over a dressing made with low fat mayo, horseradish, lemon and cracked black pepper. Tonight it could be chicken breast baked in red pesto, tossed with leaves, olives and feta or broad bean, pancetta, pea and pecorino. It's not rocket science I know, but it makes me feel virtuous without wanting to shoot myself!

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