Thursday, 6 January 2011


The chiming in of the new year was my excuse to ramp up the wedding planning. Actually that's a fib - I have been slowly and steadily working towards my vision and with all the big stuff booked and lots of the little bits made, I can now focus on one of the most sartorially exciting bits - the bridesmaids dresses. From the outset I knew I didn't want my girls to be wearing matching ensembles. I understand the need for cohesion but I think it's sooo much nicer to retain a little of your own personality - and my bridesmaids are so stylish it seemed a shame to limit them to a single dress. So I've pretty much given them a palate, a budget and a free reign. They've found dresses that they (and I) adore. But herein lies one itsy bitsy dilemma. One of the girls may wear black. Thoughts? I'm okay with it- black features pretty strongly as an accent colour in our wedding and not only is it classic (and very Chanel) it's quite an elegant way to balance all that blush pink. But our mums are not thrilled at the prospect and one of my most stylish friends voiced a little hesitation too. The wedding is in May so hopefully it will be a little summery, it's also daytime and fairly feminine affair - an LBD is def not the usual order of the day. So what to do? Stay true to my vision or tradition?

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