Thursday, 23 December 2010


Merry Christmas lovely readers. I'm sorry my posts have been a little sparse since starting my new lofty (okay, harrowing) journalistic gig.
I'm still falling in love with clothes I can't afford, pining for priceless antiques and determined to be a doyenne of domesticity, but I just haven't always found the time to share all that with you.
I'm also beavering away at our glorious wedding plans. In the times I might have been blogging, I'm now ink stamping cocktail napkins and lining invitation envelopes with 1960s printed paper. I can't believe I haven't shared the heavenly Swedish mid-century floor lamp I gave my credit card a whipping for a few weeks ago - or posted pics of the decadent chocolate cake, smothered in ganache, which my lovely chap made last weekend for a pal's birthday.

Along with all my other new year's resolutions (eat less, exercise more, only buy things I adore, control my inner bitch blah blah blah), I vow to share more of my Jackie and Marilyn-inspired musings. Until then I have a frosty voyage down to the Kent coast, a charming carol service at our wedding-church-to-be, a very special Christmas dinner with my mum (the first for many many years) some seaside walks, some pressies and hopefully some lie-ins.

Wishing you every festive happiness - giant, beautifully wrapped gifts, colossal plates of magnificent food and most of all divine people to share it all with.

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  1. how wonderful! i can't wait for you to share. by the way, that controlling your inner bitch thing? i'm working on it too...