Friday, 19 November 2010


...have to have it. That's how I feel when I open any fashion mag, but my new job has left me no time to shop. It's actually left me no time to do anything, which is why I must apologise for my posts which have been few and far between. I am afraid sporadic is going to be the way forward at the moment, until I stop being the new girl, discover where the water cooler is and find time to surf the net for moments of inspiration again.

Until then my blog and my wardrobe are suffering (my lovely chap is also suffering a tired, grumpy and sluggish fiancee - half nervous energy, half hopelessly exhausted). Back to the clothes. For a start it's suddenly got seriously cold here and I am not good with tights (weirdly itchy - I'll do bare legs until they go blue) or layering (curvy suddenly becomes chunky under all that wool), secondly I'm in a new gig where statement ensembles just don't cut it. Heels seem optional, shorts unacceptable, red lips non existent and decolletages nowhere to be seen. I'm like a fish out of water - all my snazzy outfits are OTT, especially while I'm still finding my feet.

BUT we all know a fashionista doesn't change her spots (or Breton stripes), so I'm determined a spree will get me back into sartorial serenity. I'm thinking ankle boots, sharp trousers, some sleek sweaters and a few outfit changing scarves. Watch this space...

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