Saturday, 6 November 2010


Okay, I know it's been forever. An entire week in fact. I've been basking in the world of ladies who lunch, girls who shop, mums who pile into a Cafe Rouge with a crowd of toddlers, and attempt to make small talk over cappuccinos and tables strewn with smushed chips, baby veg and ice cream sundaes. It's been a blast.
I have had a week off between leaving Glamour and starting my new gig, so i've stepped away from the computer and instead filled my hours with friends, wedding dress shopping (more on that!) and basking in a lavender steam room and rose scented sauna with my beloved.
Now I'm back at the helm and counting down the days until i become the new girl, I have been flitting through the net to find my favourite new things. here's one of them - fabulous cushions from
Madeline Weinrib Atelier. She's US-based but her selection of stylish soft furnishings have universal appeal. best are her pieces made with vintage Pucci and Hermes scarves. They're expensive, naturally, but show stoppers.

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  1. WOuld have loved to see the meal at the restaurant, I can only imagine. many a time I've seen a Cafe Rouge London under siege with a brigade of mothers and their prams...too funny to watch, as long as you're not too close to get caught up in the melee that is.