Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I do love a head scarf. While it may not be currently cool to tie a scarf around your entire head, it is in my humble opinion, sartorially timeless (though now we're selling our MG - sob - my days of roofs down and headscarves up is numbered). Audrey et al looked wonderfully chic and decidedly prim and I still plan on joining them when I can. I stumbled across a delicious little book in Liberty the other day, entitled She Bought A Liberty Scarf. On closer inspection, it's a selection of fourteen postcards, depicting Liberty scarves and has been reproduced from the 1930s. It's adorable and would make a perfect little present for a stylish pal. Annoyingly I wanted to snap it up for my lovely friend Lee, but as I'm sure she'll read about it here, I'll now have to rethink. Bah!

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