Friday, 6 August 2010


It's not actually until Tuesday, but as I'll be in the depths of France and probably closer to a cornfield than a computer, I thought I'd write about it now. Much to my family's amusement and annoyance, birthdays are a big deal to me. I love to feel special. I love to make other people feel special. There's nothing nicer to me than one entire day, every year, that is all about loveliness. Eating what you want, being somewhere picturesque, being showered with love (oh, okay and a few gifts). I have a rule that I will never work on my birthday (only once did I have to break it and my wonderful Us Weekly pals requested Dean & Deluca bake my favourite coconut and lemon cake so it wasn't too torturous). For many, many years now, I have celebrated my birthday at La Renjardie, my mum's house in France. We have croissants under the cherry tree while I open cards and pressies, then I do a birthday bed (this consists of me arranging all my new goodies on the duvet and taking a picture for posterity - childish? shallow? moi?). We cycle to the river and laze in the sun (or sometimes shelter from the rain the 10th of August sometimes brings showers), then have a posh picnic with smoked salmon and fizz. In the evening we barbeque. I love the ritual of this happy day, and to be surrounded by the people I adore most. When anyone enters my world, I aim to make their birthdays this glorious too... As for the next twelve months, well I'm trying to turn back the clock age-wise, if my wrinkles will allow (I think I'll attempt to be 32 forever), but so far every year has got better and better so I'm optimistic. My mum once told me her early 30s were when she felt her best as she had acquired wisdom but her body was still pretty perky(!). I know what she means - the past couple of years may have brought their challenges, but they have also come with happiness, acceptance and experience. And I know that the next twelve months will be filled with even more amazement, excitement and joy...


  1. I'm a little late but hope you had a fabulous birthday with many fabulous gifts,

    Victoria xx

  2. Thank you!! It was beyond blissful- sunshine, pink champagne, a beautiful leather bound Liberty address book and an ice cream maker!!

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect day! Many happy returns gorgeous xx

    PS - agree about the early-30s comment. I'm thinking of staying there for a while :)